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New Ownership

Sawan Thai means “Thai Heaven”. Our goal is to create a new Thai dining experience for our Bainbridge community with a new menu and new interior design (in progress). In addition to that, we plan to keep expanding our menu to make our restaurant unique with some fusion dishes. We are proud to say that the taste of our food is authentic Thai. Chef Dan has 10+ years of Thai and Asian Fusion culinary experience, which he gained a lot of those experiences through a Thai culinary academy in Thailand as well. He is well known for being able to create lots of new Thai and Asian dishes. Our prior experiences include running several restaurants in Australia,Portland, Oregon and Bellevue, Washington. We currently own Banana Leaf Thai Bistro in Port Townsend as well. Of course, our team has been trying our best to strive for perfection. That being said, if customers are not satisfied, we take the feedback seriously and try to improve it for the better. Doing business during these tough times is hard, therefore we would like support from everyone in the Bainbridge community.

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